Maintain Control

As a writer, your words are invaluable. TSL Network gives you complete control over who can read your screenplay, visibility on their progress and stays on top of them for you until they finish. Whether sharing with another writer or an outside contact, our secure script exchange and guest access tokens help ensure that your work won't end up in the hands of the wrong person.

Keep It Together

The life of a script is long. From your first draft to the final, the feedback you receive and changes you make along the way shape your work. But can you recall the notes 'so-and-so' gave you on Act II in version 1 three months ago, the notes you now want to fold into version 5? TSL Network has you covered with Margins™ real-time page notes, flexible feedback templates and version-specific feedback history.

Stay Connected

TSL Network's paperless, cloud-based platform gives you an 'always-on' connection to your screenplays, versions and notes - from whatever device you're on, whatever authoring tool you use. Your authorized readers can easily access your scripts and provide feedback from the plane, on the beach, or waiting for a table; taking them back to the place they left off - even weeks or months later.